Welcome! My name is Christine DesRoches, and I began My Natural Kitchen in June of 2014 from my kitchen in the Niagara region of Southern Ontario, Canada.

My Natural Kitchen is a collection of deeply-nourishing and healthful foods. All recipes are comprised of wholesome, natural ingredients that aren't just good for you, but also taste delicious. My intention is to create tasty treats that also happen to be free of gluten, dairy products, refined sugars and corn. It gives me great pleasure to make things for people with special dietary needs, and with certain loved-ones in mind I often make my recipes without eggs. 

I came to this way of eating originally because I was ill and - with some help from my doctors (and many tests) - found that I was reacting to so many of the foods that I was eating regularly. These foods were so innocuous and seemingly harmless, that I had no idea that they could be contributing to the symptoms I was having. Fast forward through the difficult part, when I thought that life surrounding food would always be difficult, and I am happy to report that in fact, life surrounding food is really quite wonderful

Part of the turning point for me was giving up this idea that foods free from gluten and dairy should be some sort of imitation, and that the best such substitutes could strive to be was "good, for gluten free." Through experimenting, studying cookbooks, pouring over the fantastic gluten free, vegan, and raw food blogs out there and changing the way I thought about these sorts of foods I have come to know that these foods actually can be fantastic for what they are. And thank goodness, because in determining what was causing my health to go awry, I've come to discover a new and favourite hobby and for that, I couldn't be happier. 

More recently, I have taken to cleaning up other areas of my health and day-to-day life. By that, I mean that I have started to pay closer attention to what I put on my body, use to wash my clothes or clean my dishes, to  what I purchase and who (or what) I am supporting by making the choices I make. One such area in particular that those choices has affected is my beauty routine, which has led to developing another hobby of mixing oils and flower waters and making my own moisturizing blends for face, body and hair. I'm going to share some of these too, because it's fun, smells good, makes your skin glow and makes for beautiful gifts - I really hope that you enjoy these things too! Check out Natural Beauty for a peak - in the future, I hope to add much more to this area of my site.

In terms of food philosophy, I believe that there are many "right" ways of eating and that coming to know what that means for you is a personal and individual journey. Personally, I enjoy a primarily plant-based diet, with my health and healing guiding my choices. I feel it is vitally important to source all food with a mindful, sustainability-focused stance and I shop with these principles close to heart. That being said, what I share here will be what we generally eat day-to-day in our home, which is mostly delicious combinations of vegetables, fruit, nuts and grains. 

My sincere hope is that you find something that you enjoy here. I would absolutely love to hear from you if you've tried a recipe or you would like to connect.