Welcome to My Natural Kitchen!

I'm so happy you've found me here. This is where I’ve been sharing my recipes and tips for traveling gluten free over the last few years. I developed some pretty severe food sensitivities in my early 20s, and had to remove gluten, dairy and corn from my diet. I approach this way of eating from a place of celebration for good food that makes me happy and makes me feel nourished. 

I tend to make fresh fruit and veggies the centre of my diet, and so a seasonally-focused diet feels natural for me. I live in the Niagara region, in Southern Ontario. A short 10 minute drive from home leads me to endless orchards and vineyards, and I find it really inspiring to live in a place like this. 

I've been shifting over the last year towards making food as a hobby, and focusing my efforts on my new botanical dye business. This new project of mine is called Wild Woven Collection, and you can find us on instagram @wildwovencollection as well as information about where we’re popping up and new textile projects we’re creating. Because Wild Woven has been my focus, I will no longer be participating in other projects or sponsorships.